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  • Foreign fighters from the Caucasus (mainly Chechens) in Syria against a background of Al-Qaeda flags (, August 3, 2013). Characteristics and implications[1] 1.   This study examines the foreign fighters from various countries and regions in Asia fighting agai...
  •   Free Speech and the Man Who Would Legislate Insanity!   Posted on April 24, 2014by Chip Murray     Rep. Hakeem Sekou Jeffries (D-NY) One of the most common assertions I hear from people who don’t care for the Tea Party (putting it politely) is ...
  • 'If they want to establish a state alongside us, welcome. If they want to establish a state that replaces ours - that will never happen!!!' Finance Minister Yair Lapid addressed the European Jewish Congress (EJC) Palestinians: "How do you want to reach an agreement with us when you signed the a...
  • This writer is going to try to write this article in a manner to unify rank and file America around a consensus rather than to divide the masses along faux party lines. (A strategy our government, the tyrant class and Main Stream Media use for the purpose of dividing and conquering WE THE PEOPLE to ...


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  • Netanyahu told NBC News on Thursday that Israel was calling off ...  more

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