• Open Letter to Gov. Cuomo: Are We Welcome in New York?

    Posted January 21 by ma ko

    Dear Gov. Cuomo: In light of your comments this past Friday, in which you declared that those “…extremist conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault weapon, anti-gay” have no place in the state of New York, we would humbly request a written explanation as to whether or ...

  • The Little People

    Posted January 21 by Chip Murray

      The Little People   Posted on January 21, 2014by Chip Murray     Under Their Heels! “What difference, at this point, does it make?” ~ Hillary Clinton refusing to come clean and take responsibility for Benghazi.   “At the...

  • FTORCH: The FBI, Operation COINTELPRO & Reverend Doctor Martin

    Posted January 21 by Don Mashak

    On this Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday, this writer has chosen to provide you with a copy of the Senate Committee Report regarding the campaign to demonize, marginalize and discredit Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. Upon reading the content of this report, your esteem for the ...

  • The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ My Brother's Keeper

    Posted January 19 by Chip Murray

      The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ January 19th, 2014   Posted on January 19, 2014by Chip Murray     56 Million Fires in 41 Years! Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend. Writing yesterday’s piece, the importance of who we truly are to one another really st...

  • Riding the Beast

    Posted January 18 by Chip Murray

      Riding the Beast   Posted on January 18, 2014by Chip Murray     Who can ride the Beast? I am part of a gathering of Christian men who come together periodically in wonderful fellowship and prayerful reflection. Although I’m sure there are many ...

  • Isi Leibler | An open letter to Secretary of State John Kerry

    Posted January 16 by ma ko

      Should your initiatives undermine Israeli security, you will leave a legacy as the U.S. secretary of state who abandoned the one and only genuine democracy and U.S. ally in the Middle

  • "I've had all I can stands..."

    Posted January 16 by Chip Murray

      “I’ve had all I can stands…”   Posted on January 16, 2014by Chip Murray     Eat your spinach! “…and I can’t stands no more!” ~ Popeye   “N.S.A. Devises Radio Pathway Into Computers&r...

  • Know your enemy:International Solidarity Movement (ISM)[

    Posted January 15 by ma ko

    Overview 1. On January 2, 2014, an Italian delegation visited Hebron and presented Kamel Hameid, the governor of the Hebron district, with an award proclaiming him the district's "man of the year for 2013." The award was from the International Solidarity Movement (ISM)[1] and a Palestinian orga...


    Posted January 14 by ma ko

    Between the start of suicide bombings in the recent past, carried out by Hizbollah in Lebanon in the early 1980s, and the beginning of the twenty-first century, some 200 suicide attacks took place around the world. A dramatic increase in suicide terrorism around the world began in early 2000, an...

  • Know your enemy:Abu Muhammad al-Julani

    Posted January 14 by ma ko

    Abu Muhammad al-Julani, sitting with his back to the camera, interviewed by Al-Jazeera (Al-Jazeera, December 19, 2013) Overview 1.   On December 10, 2013, Abu Muhammad al-Julani, head of the Al-Nusra Front (the branch of Al-Qaeda in Syria), gave a rare, 52-minute interview to Al-Jazeer...