Syria - Updating 5

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    March 4, 2013 5:22 PM EST

    Syria - Updating 4


    * - Fierce battles fog around Iraqi town on the Syrian border. Individuals.

    Which brought the following news:
    * - Reports that the strength of the rebels crossed the border and attacked Iraq Rabia town located on the other side of the border Eliarubih the Syrian border. Iraqi Army in Mosul was put on high alert.
    انباء عن دخول الجيش _ الحر لحدود ربيعة واعلان الجيش العراقي لحالة التأهب القصوى في الموصل,!

    Now comes the network Algzira and brings this report:
    42 Syrian soldiers and 8 Iraqi soldiers were killed by members of the Sunni community at the (Iraqi border - Syria) Eliarbih.
    الجزيرة: مقتل 42 جندي اسدي في العراق و 8 جنود عراقيين على يد اهل السنة في اليعربية

    Report later explains a little more what happened:
    48 Syrian soldiers who served at the border Eliarubih fled to Iraq after a battle with insurgents.
    Then they discovered that they had fallen from the frying pan into the fire.
    Local Sunni militiamen found them throughout the city destroyed them along with eight Iraqi soldiers who tried to protect them.
    مقتل 48 عنصر من قوات الاسد الذين هربو الى العراق بعد ان هاجمهم قوات الجيش الحر داخل الاراضي العراقية

    What a saga!!

    Shiite Iraqi army probably will not be silent about this great carnage and react to assuring the continued bloodshed in the region and also evidence of arson War in Iraq (if it had not started yet!)
    We will!

    * - In the last hours of heavy artillery shells Syrian army Quneitra area - Han Arnava.
    القنيطرة - خان _ أرنبة: اشتباكات عنيفة بين عناصر الجيش الحر وجيش النظام وسظ قصف عنيف على البلدة بالمدفعية الثقيلة

    - Al-Arabiya: Syrian army lost during the uprising 30,000 fighters.
    (Much more than during the Six Day and Yom Kippur together!?)

    * - Rebel posing against IDF patrols of the line in the Golan.

    Appendix photos and maps:
    - Han Arnava Syrian Golan - courtesy of our friends in 8200:

    - Air photograph of the border region on the border Balirubih Iraq - Syria - courtesy of our friends in 8200:

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    March 4, 2013 5:23 PM EST

    ‎Breaking: AFP quoting an official source: Iraq will resist to any attempt trying to transfer the Syrian war into the country

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    March 4, 2013 5:23 PM EST

    Sky News: Twenty-two Syrian officers belonging to the Fourth Brigade, most of whom are Allawites, have arrived to Turkey after defecting from the regime.

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    March 4, 2013 5:23 PM EST

    Iraqi gunmen killed 40 Syrian soldiers and public employees in al-Anbar, Iraq.

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    March 4, 2013 5:24 PM EST

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    March 4, 2013 5:26 PM EST

    '' Al - Arabiya'':'' Israel increased forces on the border with Syria''

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    March 5, 2013 1:23 PM EST

    Breaking: Syrian activists: A Scud missile hit the Aleppo town of Tal Rifaat.

    According to the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet advertising says Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu that Daoud regime fired the last two months about 90 Scud missiles at population and Syrian cities.
    The newspaper quoted Syrian officials, at least 40 rockets were fired at rebel positions risked their jets operating in the area

    دوليات النظام السوري اطلق 90 صاروخ سكود في الشهرين الأخيرين?!

    نقلت صحيفة "حرييت" عن وزير الخارجية التركي أحمد دوود أوغلو أن النظام السوري اطلق خلال الشهرين الماضيين 90 صاروخ سكود على المناطق السكنية. ومما قاله أوغلو: هم يضغطون على زر في دمشق وصاروخ سكود يسقط في منطقة سكنية في حلب ويقتل المدنيين.
    وتجدر الاشارة الى أنه في 19 شباط الماضي قتل نحو 19 مدنيا جراء سقوط صاروخ على منطقة سكنية في شمال حلب. ونقلت الصحيفة عن مصادر تركية رسمية أن الحكومة السورية أطلقت أكثر من 40 صاروخ سكود من الطراز الباليستي على مواقع الثوار في شمال سوريا. ويأتي استخدام وصواريخ السكود بعد تعرض الطائرات السورية الى خطر الاسلحة المضادة للطائرات التي يملكها الثوار.

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    March 5, 2013 1:24 PM EST

    Breaking: SANA: Former Syrian army chief of staff Lt. Gen. Hikmat al-Shihabi passed away in Washington today.

    I think he was chief of staff Syria in the Yom Kippur

    توفي الرئيس السابق لهيئة الاركان في الجيش السوري العماد حكمت الشهابي عن عمر ناهز 82 عاما. واورد التلفزيون في شريط اخباري عاجل ان "القيادة العامة للجيش والقوات المسلحة تنعي العماد اول المتقاعد حكمت الشهابي رئيس هيئة الاركان الاسبق الذي وافته المنية صباح اليوم".

    وقد بدأ الشهابي مسيرته كرئيس للاستخبارات العسكرية وتولى بعد حرب تشرين الاول 1973 مع اسرائيل, رئاسة الوفد السوري الى مفاوضات اتفاق فض الاشتباك بين الطرفين. كذلك, شارك في العامين 1994 و 1995 في مفاوضات السلام التي اجريت بين سوريا واسرائيل في الولايات المتحدة.
    وكان الشهابي تولى رئاسة الاركان العام 1974 في عهد الرئيس الراحل حافظ الاسد.

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    March 7, 2013 9:21 AM EST

    This morning brought the news from Syria, about the discovery of an Israeli listening device in one of Syria's beaches.

    Later revealed that Syrian source that this place called "non ants."
    I had no idea where this place is but a quick scan of the Syrian coastal area while focusing on areas of interest, only natural oil that Israel would be interested in it.
    The first place checked is front of the port of Tartus.
    Tartus port serves both the Syrian Navy and the Russian Navy.
    And here comes my help friends - 8200 - and quite naturally located the place called Port Island and sent me a picture of Syrian citizen brought it to Google Art photographed place:

    Here is a picture from Google Art provides reference level must be to look in the port of Tartus courtesy of our friends -8200 I say? ? ;

    Quick search of military installations and government strategists space extends to the non ants immediately reveals agricultural airport of the city of Tartus fetus currently turned international airport Syria's main after the fall of Damascus and throughout.
    See attached map - also courtesy of .... 8200:

    Here's ancestry Aerial Island and the port of Tartus Airport together - courtesy of 8200:

    We stayed only do brainstorming here in the forum to try and estimate how revealed "fake rock" on an island-like nests of ants in the middle of nowhere and not stepping foot on a person only extremely rare case?
    - One option is the Russian spy ships frequently beset the Russian military dock at Tartus equipped with detection and identification technologies of listening devices and photo what brought them to send the Syrians neutralize this facility.
    - Photo of Shell Rock looks fake picture gives evaluation where the facility was hidden but reveals how still he was.
    - Is locating suspicious movement brought the Syrians see who was looking for instead of what?
    - Following the Assad regime's intention to establish the State of Alawites in Syria's coastal strip Israel was to begin organizing information sources to cover new body - and the island port facility definitely serves this task

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    March 7, 2013 9:21 AM EST

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    March 7, 2013 9:23 AM EST
    Tartus is the largest port city on the Syrian coast and largest city in Tartus Governorate with an estimated population of 118,000 inhabitants as of 2004. The majority of the population is ethnic Levantine Arab. However, there are about 3,000 people of Greek origin who reside mainly in the town of Al Hamidiyah just south of Tartus.
    Since the start of the Iraqi War, a few thousands Iraqi nationals now reside in Tartus.
    Geography and climate
    The city lies on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean sea bordered by the Alawite Mountains to the east. The island of Arwad, the only inhabited in Syria, is located a few kilometers off the shore of Tartus.
    Tartus occupies mostal a flat area, surrounded to the east by hills composed mainly of limestone and, in certain places around the town of Souda, basalt.
    The climate is Mediterranean, with short winter months and a moderate temperature from April to October. The hills to the east of the city create an alternative environment and climate. Tartus is known for its mild weather and high precipitation. Humidity in the summer can reach 80%.
    Phoenician Antaradus
    The History of Tartus goes back to the 2nd millennium BC when it was founded as a Phoenician colony of Aradus. The colony was known as Antaradus (from Greek "Anti-Arados > Antarados"] Anti-Aradus, meaning "The town facing Arwad"). Not much remains of the Phoenician Antaradus, the mainland settlement that was linked to the more important and larger settlements of Aradus, off the shore of Tartus, and the nearby site of Amrit.
    Greco-Roman and Byzantine
    The city was favored by emperor Constantine for its devotion to the cult of the Virgin Mary. The first chapel to be dedicated to the Virgin is said to have been built here in the 3rd century.
    Muslim armies conquered Tartus under the leadership of Ayyan bin al-Samet al-Ansary in 636.
    In 1123 the Crusaders built the church of Our Lady of Tortosa upon this site. It now houses this altar and has received many pilgrims. The Cathedral itself was used as a mosque after the Muslim reconquest of the city, then as a barracks by the Ottomans. It was renovated under the French and is now the city museum, containing antiquities recovered from Amrit and many other sites in the region. Nur ad-Din retrieved Tartus from the Crusaders for a brief time before it was lost again. In 1152, Tortosa was handed to the Knights Templar, who used it as a military headquarters. They engaged in some major building projects, constructing a castle with a large chapel and an elaborate keep, surrounded by thick double concentric walls.[6] The Templars' mission was to protect the city and surrounding lands, some of which had been occupied by Christian settlers, from Muslim attack. The city of Tortosa was recaptured by Saladin in 1188, and the main Templar headquarters relocated to Cyprus. However, in Tortosa, some Templars were able to retreat into the keep, which they continued to use as a base for the next 100 years. They steadily added to its fortifications until it also fell, in 1291. Tortosa was the last outpost of the Templars on the Syrian mainland, after which they retreated to a garrison on the nearby island of Arwad, which they kept for another decade.
    Main sights
    The historic centre of Tartus consists of more recent buildings built on and inside the walls of the Crusader-era Templar fortress, whose moat still separates this old town from the modern city on its northern and eastern sides. Outside the fortress little historic remains can be seen, with the exception of the former cathedral of Notre-Dame of Tartus, from the 12th century. The church is now the seat of a museum. Former President Hafez Assad and his predominantly Islamic administration had promised to return the site to the Christians as a symbol of deep Christianity in Syria, however he died before this promise was executed. Assad's son, President Bashar Assad, has claimed to honor his father's promise.
    Tartus and the surrounding area are rich in antiquities and archeological sites. Various important and well known sites are located within a 30-minute drive from Tartus.
    Here is a list of some of the main attractions of the city:
    The old city of Tartus.
    Margat Castle, north of the city.
    The historic Town of Safita.
    Arwad island and castle.
    The ancient cathedral of Our Lady of Tortosa, now used as the city museum.
    Beit el-Baik Palace.
    Hosn Suleiman Temple.
    Mashta Al Helou resort
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    March 7, 2013 5:28 PM EST

    * - Division dawn of Islam conquered evening another segment border with Israel.

    Fighting on the fence never stops.
    Guidance on the Israeli border fence - Syrian Golan.
    Although for a long time reported that the Syrian army withdrew from the area, leaving in effect the decree of the border but actually fights between the parties is a matter of every day. Too Syrian warplanes bombing the area is not a rare phenomenon.
    Division announced tonight "Dawn of Islam" - لواء فجر الإسلام of the free Syrian army that is occupied section of the border with Israel in the Golan Heights where she sat company "Al Jazeera" the Syrian army and was equipped with mortars.
    According to the rebels killed them fighting and injured several others in a soldier's Syrian army suffered heavy losses.

    * - Turkish News Agency - Alanatol - reports that today defected to Turkey two Syrian officers with the rank of Brigadier General and an officer with the rank of lieutenant colonel and another police officer.

    * - Brigadier General - Air Division commander pilot sitting in the airport 73 military horror Alsoidaa District, announced his defection Assad's Syrian army.

    أعلن العميد الطيار موسى قاسم الزعبي معاون قائد اللواء 73 بمطار خلخلة العسكري في السويداء انشقاقه عن نظام الأسد اليوم الخميس.

    * - Power rebel commando training school in Jordan occupation model "Presidential Palace" hosted by American instructors. Similar post said today the Russian Pravda newspaper.

    * - Free Syrian Army forces move alert:
    800 Hezbollah fighters concentrated in the center of the Syrian commando forces in Eldridge ready for laying tonight or tomorrow in Alrka.
    800 عنصر من حزب اللات اللبناني في منطقة الدريج مركز للقوات الخاصه جاهزين للإنزال في محافظة الرقه الليله أو غدا يرجى الحذر
    Recall District Alrka fully released recently by the Free Syrian Army. Assad makes extraordinary efforts to regain control of his county.

    * - Syrian news site claims that the Israeli spy device discovered by the Syrians followed the installation area Rgishin sites (Tartus) and a camera mounted to a spine images continuously using sophisticated transmission system.

    * - Channel Almiadin belonging to Hezbollah claims that Saudi investors billions of dollars out of Lebanon after the Conference of Foreign Ministers of the Gulf states. Lebanese bank denies the news.
    افادت مصادر لقناة "الميادين" (موالية ل "حزب الله" في سياستها اللبنانية) ان "مستثمرين سعوديين سحبوا مليار دولار من ودائعهم في لبنان بعد اجتماع مجلس الوزراء الخليجيين.
    مصرف لبنان أصدر بيانا نفى فيه صحة ذلك.

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    March 9, 2013 8:00 PM EST

    Rebels shoot Heights border:'' Asad did not fire 40 years'' We will liberate the Golan Heights

      Syria rebels taking advantage of the absence of UN inspectors: Videos taken not far from the border with Israel seem rebels shooting near a sign warning that the area is demilitarized. One of the rebels declared: "We will liberate the Golan and the Syrian people free will"

    Syria rebels operating in the Syrian Golan, getting closer and closer to the border with Israel while the release of 21 UN inspectors from the Philippines, held for four days - by the rebels, published this evening (Saturday) opponents of President Bashar Assad videos one of which are documented in shooting air not far from the border with Israel, including at the UN sign announcing the demilitarized zone.

    One of the videos seem to rebel vehicles traveling in the Demilitarized Zone. One of the rebels attacked the Assad regime in Syria and sent a message to Israel. "We are now facing the Golan Heights occupied, this blessed land Hafez al - Assad sold it," he said. "40 years not a single shot was fired this land. 40 years not a single shot was fired at Israel."

    During the video he states that now the rebels would shoot in that area. At this point the rebels firing in the air next to a car symbolically. Then the spokesman said: "We will liberate the Golan and the Syrian people free will, Allah willing."

    In the video clip cities are rebels in the town, which is near the border, near a sign that read this demilitarized zone, which military forces are not allowed. One of the rebels claimed that they took 80 percent longer on the western villages close to the border of Israel and that "Allah willing, they will release them all."

    Rebels continue to push the Israeli border in the southern part of the Golan Heights. Recently reported rebel troops near the village G'mla, where inspectors held that they are able to inflict heavy losses Assad's forces and take over more and more strongholds. Two days ago they reported that they took control of the Artillery Company which is in the border and that they killed dozens of loyalists of President. Also last week, they also reported that gained control of the military checkpoint and other weapons and ammunition

    Meanwhile the rebels were kidnapped and released to Jordan, where they received by Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh. At the same time, the division "Martyrs - Yarmuk" today released a message in an attempt to improve its image, damaged kidnapping. A statement by the Division, taking captive the inspectors on Wednesday night, said that the convoy of UN inspectors was blocked for security reasons. Statement also mentioned that there have been a few cases where Syrian soldiers were captured as they travel UN vehicles and are therefore blocked for review.

    According to this version, as verified identity of the brigade command ordered to let them pass safely, but then the Syrian army began shelling the area, so they took them under their wings. They emphasized that the free Syrian army considered them "guests".


    No supervision
    Rebels take advantage of the absence of some UN inspectors. On Friday received eight members of the United Nations, by UNDOF, teaching their commanders to leave their position in the southern Syrian Golan Heights, not

    Away from Jamal. It was located near the river dance, topographically controlled area and can be easily conquered. UN There is concern another kidnapping will perform rebels in Syria.

    IDF Golan waiting for them at one of the gates along the border fence, along with UN staff came from the Israeli side. UN inspectors who were transferred to Syria UN Zivan eye, near the Quneitra. The IDF stressed that the international border is not crossed for collection. Only two weeks ago announced that 100 soldiers Croatia stationed in the buffer zone will soon finish their mission, and recent developments may lead other countries to consider the continuation of the stay, 7340, L-4354223, 00.html

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    March 9, 2013 8:01 PM EST

    Dozens of women who fled from Syria and reside in a refugee camp in Jordan declined to prostitution due to the difficult economic situation of their families.

    An AP reporter "AP" Explore Za'atar refugee camp and met women whose fathers or husbands offered to sell their bodies. 11 women told the reporter that they had to engage in prostitution due to the desperate need of money.

    Arab affairs correspondent notes that Jordan took in more than 400,000 Syrian refugees. Last month alone ran into some 50,000 Syrian kingdom.

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    March 9, 2013 8:02 PM EST

    As time passes more and more information about the role of the Israeli spy device, according to Syria, discovered last week on the island ports located 7 km from Tartus Syrian coast, is revealed.
    Of course, different versions and can not really say for sure what the correct version, but may consider any opinion on its merits to decide between you and you.
    A short search on YouTube reveals a uploaded video ever filmed ports by fishermen or just liars:

    According to Syria news website - truth - Syrian fishermen are exposed to the facility after authorities reported that they noticed unusual changes shape rocks on the island.
    According to the website of the electronics units of the Syrian army were engaged for an entire day dismantling facility.

    Recall the initial publication of the news about the exposure of the questions brought up what the equipment is and how sensitive installations in the area of ​​coverage of the equipment.

    Now look at the map before you can explain:

    You are the sea ports with Tartus (circled in yellow).

    Center of the image (large circle) are Navy depots south Syrian anti-aircraft batteries and advanced batteries dry missiles - the most advanced sea capable of striking targets that are hundreds of miles away.

    Now we try to evaluate these sensitive facilities, known Reynaud maps and photos we have seen so far, and our estimation in the area of ​​coverage of the Israeli equipment:
    - The Syrian port of Tartus.
    - Russian navy dock at Tartus.
    - Converted agricultural airport civil aviation airport located south of the port of Tartus.
    - Naval ammunition depots located on the ridge Syrian opposite the island ports.
    - The most advanced anti-aircraft missile batteries in the hands of the Syrian air defense protect the port of Tartus.
    - Dry missile batteries - Syria's main Mediterranean designed to protect with all the Syrian coast and can be used as a basis for attacking the Israeli ports of Haifa and Ashdod, both civil and military. They also serve as a potential threat to the Israeli gas fields in the Mediterranean.

    Video showing the uncovered Israeli spy device:

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    March 9, 2013 8:03 PM EST

    Initial reports that the Syrian authorities discovered the facility, which was defined by the Installation Israeli spy ", started last night, the news was fragmentary and ambiguous, like all such reports.
    Later that night, the Syrian news agency, Ram Award - دام برس, has more details on the event which reminded very similar reports of Hezbollah long ago on the same subject.
    Past not so far reported Hezbollah and showed pictures that fit that Israel installed inside a quotation facilities built C"sla artificial. "
    The facility is designed to cite sources in the installation media.
    Iranians also claimed not long ago that they found a facility built into a rock spying near one artificially their nuclear sites today claim a similar facility in Syria that was discovered at one of the ports in the Syrian coast.
    Full translation:
    Full story about the discovery of an Israeli espionage device was placed in one of the Syrian coast.
    It all begins on the evening of last Friday ..... One Syrian competent authorities unveiled beaches control listening device placed ports Island "- جزيرة النمل - and what was very surprising as follows: In one of the" rocks "that were placed on the soil of the island were spying appliances.
    Rock was the structure and form and follow the typical rocky island making it difficult for discovery.
    To look at the rock it was hidden facility could not tell the difference, which causes the equipment installed spy emptied the contents of the rock and put the most advanced listening devices into the rock and fasten it with screws rocky structure. After breaking the rock with the instruments inside the Syrian army called special electronic units neutralized the device and check that it does not entrapped. Neutralization mission took part in some of the most skilled factors.
    القصة كاملة عن اكتشاف أجهزة تجسس اسرائيلية متوضعة عل جزير النمل في الساحل السوري: وبعد أن تم نشر الخبر على شاشات التلفزيون ولم يعد سرا مساء يوم الجمعة الفائت وبفضل احدى الجهات المختصة الساهرة على مراقبة شواطئنا تم اكتشاف أجهزة تنصت متوضعة على جزيرة النمل والمدهش بالموضوع هو مايلي : تم اكتشاف أخذ عينة مسبقة من الصخر الموجود على الجزيرة وقاموا بانشاء مجسمات على شكل كتل صخرية بنفس شكل ولون الصخر ومن الصعب اكتشافها لدرجة أنه اذا نظرت اليها مباشرة لايمكن تمييزها عن الصخر وقد قامو بتفريغها من الداخل ووضع اجهزة تنصت بداخلها كما تم تثبيتها بأرض الصخر بواسطة براغي وهي كتل كبيرة وأجهزة متطورة وحديثة جدا, بعدها تم استدعاء وحدات خاصة الكترونية وقاموا بتفكيكها ونقلها بعد التأكد من عدم تلغيمها .. وهذا العمل يحتاج الى اكثر من شخص للقيام به ولخبراء ماهرين في انجاز هذا العمل ... على كلا والحمد لله تم اكتشافها في اليم الثاني كون الطينة التي كانت متواجدة بالقرب منها مازالت طرية.

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