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    When the call is made,Will you stand to protect the God given Right to Life Religious freedom the Constitution and fight all Oppressors in control of this Republic.
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    For main groups existing in political ideology: anarchism (no governmental state), minarchism (minimum governmental state), centrism (the next level up) and statism (maximum governmental state. The purpose of this group is to promote minarchism. Even if y...  more
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    we must stand together, as Americans and Fight for our Freedom. we are loosing it fast,
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    A WWII veteran who fought at the Battle of Okinawa, where he took a bullet to the leg & continued fighting, was brutally beaten to death by two teens Wednesday night. Delbert Belton, 88, from Spokane, Wash was pronounced dead Thursday August 22 2013 morni...  more
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    TRUTH TALK with Dennis J is an educational/entertainment entity which is dedicated to correcting the misrepresentation and misunderstanding of God The Good Father and His Son Jesus Christ. The most non religious "religious" broadcast you might ever hear ...  more
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    Conservative Brain Candy With A Beat!
    In case you haven't seen it yet--- the 'basis' of Intellectual Froglegs is to be covertly educational with humor, wicked cool graphics and classic tunage.
    And Froglegs does not following the media narrative...or chas...  more
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    The Libertarian Party consistently champions our nation’s founding principles of individual freedom, political liberty, and limited government. We fight relentlessly for government to abide by its primary mission of protecting our rights and functioning w...  more
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    Why are books pushed on us that we don't agree with? Why is Dan Brown shoved down our throats, but trying to find a good conservative book is hard? Let's change this by posting all the books that we like, and would suggest to other people.
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    Do you care about the future of Texas?
    So do we
    Declare your Indepence today  more
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    The purpose of this group is to provide an outlet for people to relax and enjoy some humor. Keep it civil people.